Grant recipient flying drone outside of Penn State Lehigh Valley

Our Startups

Our Startups


Lehigh Valley LaunchBox (LVLB) supports entrepreneurs through a number of programs and initiatives.

One opportunity for startups is a microgrant awarded via a competitive pitch to a panel of experts. To date, LVLB has funded 46 companies from a myriad of industries, and provides them with a wide array of resources including: free coworking space; educational programming; professional development; access to free PSU legal services; a safety net of advisors; and an expert champion based on the company's most urgent needs.

Meet the 46 LVLB companies in our portfolio:

Company Names Product/Service Description
Andromeda LED Lighting

A wide array of highly efficient LED lighting products, and a design
house for innovative lighting with patents from the US, Taiwan and China.

Auxilium Medical
A professional medical scribe service that seeks to improve patient and
physician satisfaction, and improve efficiency.
Almas Food International Natural food and
beauty products made from imported Iranian saffron with a focus on the health
benefits of this spice, and its use in the flavoring and coloring of food.
Air Releaf Developed a natural air purifier based off
the science behind plant-based air purification.
Cake-This The original, spoonable cake company featuring an innovative way to mix
cake and frosting to the golden ratio in packaging that allows you to eat anywhere/anytime.
Center for Retail and Sales (CRS)

CRS is a leading authority on issues and solutions that face the retailing and sales industries.

We will develop relationships, strategic alliances, and partnerships with stakeholders

in these industries.  The CRS will also focus on connecting students to industry professionals.

We aim to generate positive exposure for the CRS, Penn State, and the retailing and sales industries.

CROWDPLEASER App development offering a crowdfunding platform and real-time access to
the demand from fans for concerts and events within specific markets.
Dabl3 A real-time application connecting merchants offering limited-time
offers based on location with consumers in those locations.
ERIC OH, DJ Party planning and DJ services for private parties, corporate parties
and weddings.
Eternally Art Commemorates a loved one’s life using a custom design to create a
beautiful, handmade urn to preserve ashes.
FenzTech Uses drones or UAV to capture highly accurate images of farmers’ fields allowing
them to monitor crops from the sky.
Fresh View Fitness Nutritional consulting, customized meal plans, body shaping rotational
workout routines, meal plan and workout combination plans.
Get2Greater Provides electronic tablets and a personalized applications for MAHAN
Trust volunteers to record, store, analyze and disseminate medical information.
Golden Lion International An import/export company focused on importing rice from Thailand and
Vietnam to Burkina Faso and Kenya in Africa.
Greek Pillar A cloud-based platform, composed of two integrated web-based
applications, that enhances and streamlines the fraternity recruitment process
on a campus.
Hairiette of Harlem Natural haircare line for women with dry, curly, coily and kinky hair
including content and a support network.
Helium IQ Provides private labeling technology, services and data architecture to
transform high-quality business ecosystems into the best digital versions of
IESE Provides a platform for interdisciplinary faculty and students to
collaborate on innovative solutions that address real-world problems in the
areas of green energy and LED lighting applications.
Impossible Incorporated LLC Patent-pending, snake-like,robot that runs wires through multiple wall cavities.
Josh Nichols Music Composer of religious, electronic music using dubstep, chiptune and trance styles.
Kim's Black Belt Academy Family-owned and operated martial arts school specializing in Taekwondo with
locations in Bethlehem, Allentown and Quakertown.
Lifestyle Apparel Brand High quality apparel using automotive-industry bran
Linguistiq LLC

Linguistiq The Language Boutique provides Spanish to English translation,

interpretation and language education services to individuals and businesses in both

the public and private sectors. 

Medd Tech A medication reminding system using a Smartphone app to set dispensing alerts
for medications needed by the day, week or month.
MindMe Inc. A mobile application for small business owners to attract new leads,
schedule customer visits and drive customer engagement.
MyExcelGuy Training and services to become better, more efficient Excel users.
ParaPer4mance An online community for people with disabilities that promotes the
latest medical technology, offers fitness and diet plans, and empowers those
who love health and wellness regardless of their situation.
Plantum AI An app and hardware solution for farmers and home gardeners to diagnose
and treat plant disease.
RA Shoes Adjustable orthopedic shoes specifically for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients.
Red Door,Coffee Roaster Producers of medium and dark roasts, and flavored coffee from roaster to
table using Colombian, Costa Rican, Brazilian and Ethiopian beans.
Sai Guru A digitally integrated board game designed by a 9-year-old boy to teach
children the logic behind programming.
SCIN Cellphone app that can detect plant and skin disease.
Sarah Murrat Skincare Hand cream formulated in Switzerland based on essential oils.
South Mountain Medical A portable device that semi-autonomously places IV catheters with a
higher success rate than the current manual method.
Sprout Increases a horticulturist's yield of flowering and fruit development using
less power and heat than traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting
Steady Devices Stabilizing the core of
those with disabilities, or the inability to support themselves, using a vest
to securely strap onto fitness machines for an,effective workout.
Sewing With Jirah

Individual and group sewing lessons in a judgement-free environment

where you are encouraged to ask questions and feel free to make mistakes. 

TAPP Inc. Allows users to fund or give money to friends or family all over the
world, or to donate to large companies, small businesses or personal projects.
TeraDrones Custom protective
cases for drones, UAV systems, and tech and,camera equipment.
TroubleMaker LLC Provides creative and innovative products for children that promote
collaboration and inclusivity.


An Internet of Things platform that enables products at extremely low
cost to control, manage and gain meaningful insight using "intelligent"
Unfyltered Media LLC

Media company seeking  to identify points of friction that hinder the ability of the everyday

person to live an effective life, and empower them to listen, think critically

and act effectively to change their situation as voters, taxpayers and leaders. 

VentureScape A team-based, theme-based, live-action escape room where participants solve
clues and conquer challenges in order “escape” in a limited amount of time
Virtual Incubator Network Software for higher education allowing for shared knowledge,
communication and growth within an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Voices Renewed A system for compiling information about a person's family, work and
community to affirm their identity as an individual, and share that story with
Your Words Your Story LLC

A memoir-creation company offering a variety of written and audio life-story preservation services.